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We specialize in several areas including prototype tooling, mass production tooling, Class 101 tooling, insert molding tooling and two-shot tooling. We leverage our highly skilled team and quality assurance capabilities to manage every tooling project, ranging from a small prototype project to a large scale production tooling project.


We work with our clients to transform their product design into the finished product they desire for single shot, two-shot and insert molding parts. We have worked with clients in industries including communications, consumer products, electronics, medical device, safety and security. We also provide products for silk print and assembly services.


We specialize in two-shot molding tool design and two-shot part design. As part of our project management, we review your two-shot molding part design and optimize the design to better fit with your products and applications.


We build plastic optics tooling for cameras, consumer electronics, mobile communications, telecommunications as well as other parts. Additionally, we build face shields, goggles, safety glasses and other safety and protection products.


We specialize in tooling for a wide variety of enclosure caps used in the pharmaceutical, medical, daily use and chemical packing industry. Molds include such products as flip-top cap molds, pharmaceutical packing molds, tamper-evident cap molds, unscrewing cap molds and stack cap molds.

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