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One of the great challenges facing companies in the manufacturing industry is finding a trustworthy and reliable supplier who has the technical expertise and industry knowledge required to successfully deliver the product you envision on time and on budget.


Mold Bridge Associates provides several key value adds for our clients:

  • Reducing of the upfront time and financial cost required to identify, vet and select a supplier who meets your company’s high standards

  • Securing the ideal supplier which has the requisite technical know-how and previous project experience to deliver on your unique set of manufacturing needs

  • Compressing the time needed to formally connect with the supplier and officially kicking off the project to ensure prompt final delivery


Mold Bridge Associates has strengths which set us apart from other partners you might consider:

  • A widespread network of suppliers in Taiwan and China with complementary and deep expertise in adjacent areas, thereby enabling the best match to your unique needs

  • Suppliers who are all certified ISO 9001 and/or ISO 16949 which ensures a known and high baseline from a quality perspective on products manufactured

  • Extensive track record of successfully delivering on the full spectrum of products from mold manufacturing (e.g., prototypes, class 101, insert molding) to mass production of parts

  • Firsthand knowledge of American and Asian culture as well as fluency in English and Mandarin, which permits the most efficient communication and coordination of team efforts

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